Larry: You're in Paris, got the best food in the world, you're eating a chalupa?
Leon: If I coulda put French toast in this motha fucka I would.

Mr. Parkinson would be appalled if he knew how Mr. Fox was behaving.

Just having Parkinson's doesn't give you carte blanche to take advantage of the non-Parkinson's.

As a cynic it kinda sickens me, but he'd take a bullet for her.

He will be gay. He's pre-gay.

Gasteyer: He is a happy, healthy, normal seven year old boy. What is the matter with you?
Larry: Ehh, I think he might be gay.

You just live in a total dick world.

Larry: Did you shake that up on purpose?
Michael J Fox: Parkinson's.

I didn't mean to waste 12 seconds of your precious time.

Greg: They should start selling them in every gift shop in New York City.
Larry: Yeah, I don't think Jews would like that.
Greg: Get a life Jews!

He started a war. He didn't really care for Jews. He thought they were a bit much.

That's a remarkably idiotic thing that you just said but you know, the fact that you're wearing glasses, I perceive it as a little less idiotic than I normally would.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Quotes

Larry: Who do you think has more freedom: the married man in America or the single man in Communist China?

Cheryl: Well, I think you should write a letter of apology to him.
Larry: "Dear prick, why are you such a prick?"