Fitz: What if all we have to do is not fail?
Simmons: That’s quite an audacious leap. Especially from someone who once believed time cannot be changed.
Fitz: Maybe it’s time to be audacious.

Mack: When does killing become the only way? We’re SHIELD. We’re supposed to be better than that. None of this would’ve happened if you would’ve just said this “invincible” nonsense wasn’t real. But instead you and Simmons lit a match and now Yo-Yo’s responsible for a girl’s death!
Fitz: I’m sorry, Mack. I really am. But it’s not that simple.
Mack: Simple? Is how you live a good life. Not with your theories or prophesies. It’s following the Good Word and doing the right thing every time. Simple as that.
Fitz: No. Not always, ‘cause there’s lots of instances in history where it was necessary to sacrifice the few in order to save the lives of many.

Aw. You two are adorable. I ship it. I really do.

Ruby [to FitzSimmons]

Fitz: I can’t choose anything over you, not even--
Simmons: Yeah. I feel the same way.

Fitz: I’m sorry you never got the honeymoon you dreamed of.
Simmons: Nonsense! I’m protecting England from evil robots with the man I love.

Simmons: So you see what this means?
Fitz: Yeah, I do. It means that our daughter’s obviously gonna marry some belligerent space goon and she’s gonna give birth to a *Deke*!

Fitz: I was just coming to see you.
Coulson: Tidings of comfort and joy?
Fitz: Warnings of doom and gloom.

May: It looks your drone took a wrong turn and went outside.
Fitz: Wouldn’t that be nice. Unfortunately, this immense forest now exists approximately 150 feet below us.
May [confused]: But there are clouds, and sky!
Fitz: Which is why its underground existence should be very alarming.
Coulson: I’d say that’s impossible, but after our round trip to Tomorrowland, my threshold for preposterous is way out of whack.

Coulson: So, the good news is that Daisy might not be the one responsible for tearing the Earth apart.
Fitz: Bad news is the end of the world might’ve already begun.

Coulson: These things look roomier from the outside.
Mack: It’ll get us where we need to go.
May: Hey, could be worse.
Simmons: True. We could be enslaved by an alien sociopath in a dystopian future.
Mack: Or we could be trapped in a virtual reality fascist state.
Fitz: Or stuck at the bottom of the ocean.
Yo-Yo: Or stopping a crazy robot lady.
Simmons: Or falling out of a plane.
Mack: Fighting Daisy’s mom.
Coulson: Or fighting Daisy’s dad.
May: Or *dancing.*

Fitz: What’re you observing now?
Noah: Various potential threats. You’d be surprised how frequently SHIELD is mentioned.
May: We have a small but active fanbase.

Deke: The machine… uses the little piece to trigger the bigger piece through space?
Fitz: Yeah. Or time.
Simmons: It mirrors the harmonic resonant frequency of photons which can exist out of space-time.
Deke: Yeah, yeah, I hear you say words, but what do they mean?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

Young Hale: You want me to be…
Daniel Whitehall: Artificially inseminated, yes. It’s quite exciting. You should be honored!

We *do* go back. Robin told me how. We can save everyone. Just one question, though. Who’s Flint?