Maddie: It's just every time I feel like we're taking a step forward, he like clams up or something, and he just keeps saying I don't know what I'm getting myself into. Then last night he was mean for no reason.
Juliette: Then you should take him at face value and move on. Maddie, if a guys not treating you right that doesn't mean there's some sweeter, nicer version of him in there and it's your job to try to find him.

Maddie: He's a musician.
Rayna: Oh, that's nice.
Deacon: Is it?

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Oh my god, I get it. I'm sheltered and uncultured now stop saying that.

Maddie: It was like I was her servant.
Daphne: Isn't that your job?
Maddie: What?
Daphne: You're an intern. That's literally what you get paid to do.

What is the point of writing any if no one will ever hear them out of this room?

Nashville Quotes

You and I have been doing a real good job of keeping our distance and moving on with our lives, but we'€™re just not gonna be able to do that. We have a daughter together. She'€™s asking for you, she wants her father.

Rayna [to Deacon]

Jeff: Glad to see you've finally done right by my client.
Rayna: Shut up, Jeff.