Leena, a half-hour power shower is a sacred thing.

Myka: I'm gonna check his browser history.
Pete: Oh, look at you going all Claudia.

I feel like Helen Hunt in Twister!

Homeowner: What are you, like, The Men in Black?
Pete: Yeah, yeah we kinda are.

Mykes, you better get here quick I've been whammy-d!

No! I'm not gonna hurt her. I like Myka, she's my partner.

I like beavers. I'll take Canada.

Pete: [pats Artie on the butt as he throws the football] Good game.
Artie: Thank you.

Myka: That explains why Pete didn't hit on that flight attendant.
Pete: I know, right? That's not like me.

I'm looking for "ye old truffle shop-y" Anything? It's in my Go France guide, and I promised the missus I'd get her some of those 'shrooms she loves.

Pete: Not gay, but open minded! [Pete Head-butts a big guy]
Myka: Really? That was the plan? Hit the big one?

You guys sound excited! Did I solve it?!