All right, Gibson is it? Who are you? Why are we here? And why is Fargo jacked into the matrix?

So, what, the tea set made her trip bunnies?

I never thought I'd say this but let's save a princess.

Pete: I thought the giant axe was kind of a turn on.
Claudia: I officially know what too much about you.

I must have started drinking again because the woman who tried to activate a super volcano with a giant fork is standing here and you're all acting like it's a potluck.

First she wants a room with a view and next thing she's eatin' a guard's face.

Yes, just what the world needs a rich, homicidal maniac. You can buy yourself a secret island lair and hire someone to twirl your mustache.

I love Pittsburg they put fries on nachos here.

Myka: Let's go save the world Latimer.
Pete: Whatever you say sweetheart.

Pete: Hey, that sounds like cannonfire.
Claudia: Brilliant! There's that college education rearing its ugly head.

[Leena gasps]
Pete: You gasped! You rarely gasp!
Artie: Pete's right, why did you gasp?

Pete: Wow, this is a lot nicer than the Love Me Chapel in Vegas.
Myka: Please tell me you didn't.
Pete: Oh yeah, we did.