Peggy: It just looks good now, but it was miserable when you were in it. Trust me.
Roger: Is that really how you're gonna remember this place?
Peggy: No.

Peggy: Would you drink vermouth?
Roger: Yes, I'm afraid I would.

Roger: I'd like to make a toast. To Lou Avery: The Japs are going to eat him alive.

McCann's moving us to their building. We lost our lease. Everything must go.

Roger: You already emptied the place out, you want to defile it as well?
Marie: Please, take advantage of me.

Don: Who are you hiding from?
Roger: I've got two secretaries and three telephones. I feel like Marlon Perkins is chasing me on the Savannah. Hiding is pointless.

Ken: Roger, I just wanted to let you I won't be collecting severance.
Roger: You got another job! Good for you. You're still entitled.
Ken: My signing bonus from Dow is so big it feels like a second helping.

Roger: How about a little dignity?
Ken: You're firing me!
Roger: Yes, but you're going to get a generous severance package if you help Pete secure all of your accounts. Including DOW.

We both know you're in the acquisitions business. You should buy the whole company. Because I have a vision. All our accounts, our cutting-edge computer and the employees I know to be worthy as an independent subsidiary of McCann. You just lost Burger Chef, we may win it, and then you'll still have it. And I'll have my company without Jim Cutler and all that baggage from CGC.

Poor Bert. I should have realized it was the end. Any time a man starts talking about Napoleon, you know he's gonna die.

Well, the snows melted but not the hearts of New Yorkers. I just had some old lady call me a kike.

You know what they say about Detroit; it's all fun and games until they shoot you in the face.

Mad Men Quotes

It's been a pleasure working with you all. I wish you the best of luck.


Don Draper: Let me ask you something, what do woman want?
Roger Sterling: Who cares?