I have to go to work. Last time they also said it was inoperable. Goodbye.

Shaun: There are new treatments. We just need to buy you time.
Glassman: I should never have told you.
Shaun: You are being selfish. You could have more time with me and Steve and Lea but you are giving up. You are a coward. You could keep fighting but you are not. If you are giving up on me then I will have to give up on you.

Shaun: It could give you up to a year.
Glassman: Or I could do nothing and have six good months. I could spend those months with you and Lea and Steve.

Morgan: Glassman's cancer is back?
Shaun: The patient's identity is not medically relevant.
Park: How is Glassman? How are you?
Shaun: The patient's identity is not medically relevant.

Charlie: I'm Charlie Lukaitis.
Claire: Shaun speaks very highly of you.
Charlie: He does?
Shaun: I was not complementary.
Claire: Shaun! I was trying to be nice, something which you could try harder to do too.

Hannah: Who are you?
Shaun: I am Dr. Shaun Murphy. Dr. Glassman's son. Not biologically. But he did for me what he is trying to do for you.
Hannah: So we're both broken toys that he tries to fix because he couldn't fix his daughter.
Shaun: He did not fix me. He loved me. I am different from other people. Other kids thought I was weird. My parents didn't want me, so I thought it too. But Dr. Glassman loved me. I will always have autism, but now I am proud of it. You will always be an addict even if you stop using drugs. But Dr. Glassman can see you are so much more than that. Why can't you?

Shaun: If you are prescribing her oxy, that is unethical and might be illegal.
Glassman: I am aware.
Shaun: You could lose your medical license. You have to tell her to leave now.
Glassman: Thank you for your concern, but I'm not giving up on her.

Charlie: Did you and Claire used to date?
Jared: No, we were just friends.
Shaun: With benefits.
Charlie: That's the best kind. What about Jordan?
Jared: What about her? We're not together, and she's been texting her ex-boyfriend every day since Asher died.
Shaun: It's wrong.
Jared: Not wrong, just different choices.
Shaun: No. The biopsy in Guatemala was negative, but that's wrong. Claire has breast cancer.

Jared: You're into car restoration?
Charlie: No, but my dad was. He'd put on this show whenever I got anxious and it calmed me down.
Shaun: My dad was not supportive.
Charlie: Mine was my biggest advocate.

Shaun: Do you think I should have Steve tested for ASD?
Charlie: Getting him tested this early means there is a greater chance of misdiagnosis, and then you will be disappointed when he is just typical.

Shaun: I think we should consult a pediatric neurologist.
Lea: No. No matter what the pediatric neurologist says you're still going to be looking for what's wrong with him.
Shaun: Not wrong. Different.

Park: You're a genius.
Shaun: Savant.

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The Good Doctor Quotes

Asher: We'd have to remove her uterus and they're starting a family.
Shaun: She won't be able to have a baby if she's dead.

Olivia: I never wanted to be a doctor. But every time I tried to say so my parents and professors and you pushed me and encouraged me til I backed down. So I knew if I got fired, there was no way you could pep-talk me back into a career I don't want.
Andrews: Livvie...
Olivia: I don't want to be important or successful. I just want to be myself. But I don't even know who that is. So the only way I can find out is if I burn my bridges behind me.