Meisner: Talk about coffee going right through you!
Renard: Why are you doing this?
Meisner: Well… my calendar’s pretty open, seeing’s how I’m dead.
Renard: Look, if this is some kind of revenge haunting, don’t forget I shot you to put you out of your misery!
Meisner [blandly]: Oh, thank you for that. Really. [turns cheerful] But! Don’t forget you betrayed us all! It’s the real reason I’m dead.
Renard: NO! I gave you an opportunity to join me!
Meisner: Don’t think you cleared that with your friend Bonaparte…

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Captain Renard
Grimm Season 6 Episode 4: "El Cuegle"
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Grimm Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Renard: You three! My office!
Wu: I’m guessing this will be the presentation of medals.

Renard: You’re not real.
Meisner: Real enough that you’re talking to me.
Renard: No… you’re dead...
Meisner: Does that really matter?