Ted: Don't you see what's happening? We are taking the only person here who has never compromised her ideals, and turning her into an ideal compromiser. And I don't mean an ideal compromiser, one who all the other compromisers look up to.
Veronica: I understand context, Ted.
Ted: She was our conscience. So now what are we gonna do?
Veronica: Gosh, you're right. How will we ever make the Fortune 500 list of the most moral companies? Oh wait, they don't have that

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Ted Crisp, Veronica Palmer
Better Off Ted Season 1 Episode 10: "Trust and Consequence"
Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Linda: You realize that if this project goes forward, all the aborigines in Australia will lose their sense of smell.
Ted: Which is why I'm going to kill it. That's just too high a price to pay for fabric softener.
Linda: If those aborigines were here, they'd smell a good man

Lem: I will not let you go. Come on, this is just like the virtual climbing wall at MIT.
Phil: It wasn't there when I was there.
Lem: It's virtual. Technically it was never there