Daniel: Everyone's staring at me
Betty: That's because you're supposed to be a waiter and you're standing around in a $10,000 Prada suit eating cookies
Daniel: It's two years old!

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Betty Suarez, Daniel Meade
Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 20: "Rabbit Test"
Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Betty: For the record, I decided the limo treatment doesn't suck
Matt: Also for the record, I'm not a limo guy. I just thought it'd be fun since... it's Tuesday?
Betty: Tuesday, now officially known as limo day. Seriously, Matt, stop pampering me
Matt: Damn, there goes hot air balloon Wednesday

Amanda: Apparently anything leased or considered non-essential has to go
Delivery Guy: I'm looking for Betty Suarez
Marc: Do you need any help loading her on to the truck?