Martin: Or maybe that's not it. Maybe there's another reason you're full of so much pain.
Malcolm: What are you talking about?
Martin: Getting away with murder, walking the streets, knowing the truth. It's intoxicating. Tell me your imagination isn't stoked knowing what it takes, what you are now capable of. People think we're crazy, no one in their right mind would be a killer. The thing is they don't know the truth. Murder is the ultimate thrill, or maybe you're all torn up inside because getting away with murder didn't feel bad at all. Nope. It felt good.

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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 1: "It's All in the Execution "
Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Dani: Bright! You were supposed to wait for us to anchor the tether.
Malcolm: Seems like you anchored the tether.
JT: Anchor that tether, Edrisa!
Edrisa: On it! I went through a light bondage phase in Hoboken. I'm great with knots.

This ledge is taken.