He always wanted to leave Freeridge. He was never free there. But he felt free here. This was the first place he came to after he got out of prison. This is where he'd want his daughter to come visit. Oscar, I'm going to finish what you started and become the man that you wanted me to be. I'm going to build the life that you deserved.


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On My Block Season 4 Episode 7: "Chapter Thirty-Five"
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On My Block Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Cesar: How do I honor Oscar in the right way by dumping his ashes somewhere? I shouldn't be the one to do this. I'm going to mess it up.
Monse: No you're not. You just have to trust yourself.
Cesar: Well, I don't. I can't stop thinking about all the mistakes I made. All the people I put at risk. Monse: You know what happened with Oscar wasn't your fault.
Cesar: I'm not just talking about Oscar. I loved you so much that I never thought that I would put you in danger, but I did. I never meant to hurt you. I'm so sorry, Monse.
Monse: I am too.
Cesar: I still haven't forgiven myself for losing you.
Monse: You didn't lose me. We're burned into each other's DNA.

Isabele: Take this. Put it to rest somewhere his daughter can visit.
Cesar: No. I can't do that. Why?
Isabele: Because the only person your brother loved more than me is you.