McGee: Hey, in Paris, who got stuck with the couch?
Tony: Me. We flipped a coin.
McGee: Tough break.
Ziva: Why did you just lie to McGee?
Tony: Why did you lie to Nora?

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Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo, Ziva David, Tim McGee
NCIS Season 7 Episode 13: "Jet Lag"
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NCIS Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Tony: I just sort of feel like you can use negative space to push the image, you know? It's sort of like a geometrical thing with the light coming across. I was trying to use these geometric lines and spacing. Sometimes I think maybe I should have done something more creative with my life.
Nora Williams: No, I think you're in the right profession.

There's something on the wing. Classic Shatner on The Twilight Zone.