Kelly Anne: I'm worse than the cartel. I'm a hundred times worse.
Pote: You're worse than…That doesn't make any sense.
Kelly Anne: I'm completely unfit to be a mother. I'm an addict, and I'm a rat, and I'm a liar, and I killed my husband. You don't even trust me. You followed me here. You were ready to shoot me!
Pote: Shoot you! I was not going to shoot you, Kelly Anne.
Kelly Anne: You don't know that.
Pote: I thought you were in trouble. You were acting suspicious. You lied to me. I thought you were having cold feet.
Kelly Anne: I am. My feet are freezing. What if I ruin this child's life? What if I can't handle it and I start using again? I'm sober now, but I will always be an addict.

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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 3: "No Te Pierdas La Cabeza (Don't Lose Your Head)"
Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

I don't like keeping secrets in our family, and neither does Teresa.


Pote: After what happened to Tony, I swore that no child would ever be close to our business, but that was before. Hey, look at me. I swear, I will never let anything bad happen to our baby. He's going to have everything I didn't have as a child: safety and money.
Kelly Anne: And love.