Blair: I cannot believe that daddy decided to stay with Roman, instead of having tea at the Carlyle with me. The ER doctor said he would make a full recovery. Everything is ruined.
Eleanor: What makes you say that? You and I had a marvelous time.
Blair: Well, I'm sorry, mother. It's just not the same. I don't understand how that French fox stole my father and your husband, and always seems to come off like an innocent lamb.
Eleanor: Roman was not always so innocent, you know?
Blair: Really? What's the story?
Eleanor: When I first met him, he was going out with this model named Freddy. And Freddy was a horrible scoundrel.
Blair: Roman would actually be into somebody like that?
Eleanor: Into him? He was actually infatuated with him. Freddy had him in some kind of spell. I was the one who got him to break out and turn his life around. Don't mention Freddy to your father. It is a sore subject.
Blair: Okay. What was Freddy's last name?

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Blair Waldorf
Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 11: "Roman Holiday"
Gossip Girl
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