Dixon: I just got off the phone with Sophia's doorman. He confirmed that she was in her apartment from 5:26 pm to 8:32 AM the next day.
Cosgrove: So she's not our shooter.
Dixon: No, and ballistics came back, too. Her gun is not the murder weapon. So let's go easy on her.
Cosgrove: She pulled a gun on us, Lieu.
Dixon: I get it, but she's a single woman and she's got someone stalking her so I think we should give her a break.

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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 6: "Vicious Cycle"
Law & Order
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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 6 Quotes

I guess that makes you the fashion police.

*After finding Sutton's dead body and realizing he's a fashion designer* Cosgrove

As someone who grew up in this city, I'm disappointed in all the anger and violence. But we do not give up! I believe in New York and even more importantly, I believe in New Yorkers.