Hank: We have to go back.
Donna: Look, you don't even know if we can, and even if we could.
Hank: You're telling me you wouldn't jump at the chance to go back down there and hand Jason his ass?
Donna: Is that what this is about, revenge?
Hank: You're god damn right it's about revenge. That little fucker blew me up.
Donna: I think we're supposed to let that go, Hank.
Hank: Donna Troy is lecturing me about letting stuff go? Did you let stuff go when Deathstroke killed Garth? I didn't fucking think so. What the hell happened to you?
Donna: I died and so did you. It sucks. It is what it is.
Hank: I had a lot of road left.
Donna: And so did I. You think I'm happy about how I went out? I saved the planet from some asteroid. I died at a carnival, Hank. A carnival.
Hank: Well, when you put it like that.
Donna: I spent a lot of time struggling with it. Agonizing over it, trying to make some sense of it. You know what I realized? It doesn't make sense.
Hank: You saved someone's life. You can sure as hell bet it made sense to them.
Donna: I shouldn't have had to die to do it. We spent our whole lives on a hamster wheel. Running hard but not making much ground. We saved people, I know that, but it didn't change anything. So, when I was sitting on that train, I made a decision, I want to move forward. See what's next for Donna Troy. Who knows maybe I'll come back as a Clown Fish. At least that would make sense.

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Titans Season 3 Episode 9: "Souls"
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Titans Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Donna: Let's do this.
[Hank has throwing stars].
Hank: Oh, really? Pretty sure I wasn't thinking about Grayson.

Sorry, asshole. Not going to happen.