Zoey: I am sorry if I offended you before, but you told me the spirits gave you an ‘m’ name, and I have to know who’s hurting so badly. It’s not my mom. It’s not Max. It’s not Mo. It’s not McKenzie. It’s not Miles. Is it Miles? Why are there so many ‘m’ names? I need to know, and what if I don’t figure it out and the song switching never ends?
Nova: So let me get this straight, the only way you can identify a sad person is if they stand in front of you singing a sad song spelling out how sad they are?
Zoey: Kind of.
Nova: Despite my incredible abilities, I don’t get all of my info from the spirits. A lot of it is connecting with people, looking around, reading in between the lines.
Zoey: I thought I was doing that. You don’t think so? You think I’m relying on the songs too much, needing everybody to telegraph what they’re feeling with capital letters and jazz hands? What am I missing?

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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 9: "Zoey's Extraordinary Mystery"
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Quotes
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Zoey: This is the psychic? Is she going to read my mind, or is she going to knit me a sweater?
Mo: She’s done both for me, but she’s not a psychic. She prefers the term intuitive.

Simon: Well, that was weird.
Zoey: Really weird. Maybe we never try that again.
Simon: You’re the one that suggested we switch to opposite sides of the bed to see if we liked the other better, and I kept waking up confused. I didn’t know where I was.
Zoey: Well, I’m sorry, buddy. You’re here in my bedroom stuck with me.
Simon: Lucky me.