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Zoey goes to see a medium with Mo and afterward, her powers start glitching.

People in Zoey's life keep singing another person's heart songs, and Zoey believes Nova, the medium, is responsible.

Zoey is desparate to find the singer of an incredibly sad heart song that Max sung.

Zoey, at the behest of Nova, goes through the people whose names start with 'm' in her life but can't figure out who it could be.

She goes back to see Nova, who asks if Zoey can only tell someone is sad if they stand right in front of her and sing a heart song.

Zoey then gets a text from Emily and realizes Emily is the one who is depressed.

The episode ends with Zoey comforting her sister-in-law.

Zoey and Simon start dating, and Zoey contemplates telling Simon about her powers.

In the end, she decides to keep that particular secret to herself.

Max and Rose are also dating, and Rose wonders about telling Max that she's sober.

After some encouragement from Zoey, Rose tells Max.

Mo is upset when Perry bails on their first sleepover to retrieve a stuffed animal for his child, and Zoey tells Mo to give Perry the benefit of the doubt.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Zoey: This is the psychic? Is she going to read my mind, or is she going to knit me a sweater?
Mo: She’s done both for me, but she’s not a psychic. She prefers the term intuitive.

Simon: Well, that was weird.
Zoey: Really weird. Maybe we never try that again.
Simon: You’re the one that suggested we switch to opposite sides of the bed to see if we liked the other better, and I kept waking up confused. I didn’t know where I was.
Zoey: Well, I’m sorry, buddy. You’re here in my bedroom stuck with me.
Simon: Lucky me.