Carmela: I'm not giving you my engagement ring. This isn't stolen. Is it?
Tony: No, who do you think I am?

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Tony Soprano, Carmela Soprano, Adriana La Cerva
The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 8: "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti"
The Sopranos
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The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Larry Boy: Oh! Mama Livia. Como esta, my darling?
Livia: Listen to 'im with that "my darling." I am nobody's darling.
Larry Boy: This one here, she never disappoints ya, I'll tell ya that.
Livia: Are you still seeing your other women, Lorenzo?

Christopher: (frustrated by his lack of progress writing a screenplay) Bought a scriptwriting program and everything.
Paulie: My advice? Put that thing down awhile. We go get our joints copped, the words will come blowin' out your ass.