Schine: Roy.
Cohn: He probably is a Jew hater. They're all Jew haters until they need us. Schine: You need to look at this.
Cohn: What? Oh, I'll be damned.
Schine: Uh, what does it mean?
Cohn: It means this is a time of nachas, Dave. A time of nachas indeed. That stupid, alcoholic fat Mick isn't gonna fire Roy Cohn, and Gerard David Schine is not goin' to Korea. Oh. Kick off your shoes and crack open the brandy, Dave. We're not going anywhere.

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Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 4: "Your Nuts Roasting On An Open Fire"
Fellow Travelers
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Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Hawk: The gentleman who left the unit last week, he stepped in front of a truck. That must affect someone in your position.
Man: Unfortunately, we're seeing an average of one suicide per week.
Hawk: You ever worry that someone might kill you instead?
Man: One moment. You'll have to return tomorrow for a polygraph.
Hawk: No, that won't be necessary. Just speak to Mr. McLeod.
Man: When we believe a polygraph is required, cooperation is mandatory. We're trying to clear the backlog before the holidays. Can you come back tomorrow after hours?
Hawk: Sure.

Mary: They're going to ask you questions about your private activities in detail. Hawk: I hope they've scheduled several hours for that.
Mary: I thought you were taking this seriously.
Hawk: I am.
Mary: You take nothing seriously. You're all wrong for him, Fuller. He is deeply sincere, and you're going to hurt him.
Miss Addison: I know who you're talking about. The boy who gave Mr. Fuller that book? Yeah, I saw what he wrote inside. "Mr. Fuller, thank you for everything. You're wonderful."
Mary: You reported him.
Hawk: You're right, Miss Addison. I am wonderful. So why don't you just suffer? Merry Christmas.