Hawk: Maggie said we have to keep your weight up. Pasta.
Tim: What else?
Hawk: Peanut butter.
Tim: They didn't have crunchy?
Hawk: No, I looked.
Tim: You said you know someone connected to the governor.
Hawk: Dave Holm. He's a Republican fundraiser.
Tim: Okay, how well do you know him?
Hawk: Not well. You know, he's...
Tim: What, he's straight? The way that you're straight? You can't smoke in here.
Hawk: I know, I know. What do you want, Tim?
Tim: Call your friend. Ask him. Convince him to set up a meeting with the governor's chief of staff.
Hawk: And why am I doing this?
Tim: To introduce me. There is an AIDS anti-discrimination bill sitting on the governor's desk. I need to convince him to sign it. We've been waiting for this meeting for weeks. They're ignoring us. They can't ignore you.
Hawk: Of course they can.

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Hawkins "Hawk" Fuller, Tim Laughlin
Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 4: "Your Nuts Roasting On An Open Fire"
Fellow Travelers
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Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Hawk: The gentleman who left the unit last week, he stepped in front of a truck. That must affect someone in your position.
Man: Unfortunately, we're seeing an average of one suicide per week.
Hawk: You ever worry that someone might kill you instead?
Man: One moment. You'll have to return tomorrow for a polygraph.
Hawk: No, that won't be necessary. Just speak to Mr. McLeod.
Man: When we believe a polygraph is required, cooperation is mandatory. We're trying to clear the backlog before the holidays. Can you come back tomorrow after hours?
Hawk: Sure.

Mary: They're going to ask you questions about your private activities in detail. Hawk: I hope they've scheduled several hours for that.
Mary: I thought you were taking this seriously.
Hawk: I am.
Mary: You take nothing seriously. You're all wrong for him, Fuller. He is deeply sincere, and you're going to hurt him.
Miss Addison: I know who you're talking about. The boy who gave Mr. Fuller that book? Yeah, I saw what he wrote inside. "Mr. Fuller, thank you for everything. You're wonderful."
Mary: You reported him.
Hawk: You're right, Miss Addison. I am wonderful. So why don't you just suffer? Merry Christmas.