Pete: It's Vegas. Wall to wall desert. Who needs a boat? I was going to buy a boat with my share.
Nick: With your share, you could've put in a lake for that boat.
Pete: Yeah. What were you going to do with yours?
Nick: A separated man living in a crappy apartment? What do you think? Buy a house bigger than hers. Maybe not a house, a compound. Something really huge.
Pete: Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen.

The Defenders Season 1 Episode 9: "Whitten V. Fenlee"
The Defenders
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

That's because all the lawyers you talked to are gutless mama's boys.


Nick: We are donut people, not pastry people. Pastries try too hard and they're expensive. And until some of our clients pay back the money they owe us: Just. Plain. Donuts.