Julia, listen to me, honey. A terrible thing happened to our family. I'm not in denial about that. I know what we've been through, but I also know what people can survive. And I know, I know what a strong family can get through. I've seen it. And I know that we can get through this together. I know we can. bEcause what we have? The love that we have for that boy. This is good. We're good. You hear me? You're good. You're good.


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Debris Season 1 Episode 9: "Do You Know Icarus"
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Debris Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Bryan: Finola, I'm trying to get back to somebody who is very important to me. Please. How can I know all this if what I'm saying isn't true? He said that there was something in the story that could help me.
Finola: It's about the soldier who guides a penguin across the desert to be with the one he loves, and over the treacherous passage, the penguin asks the soldier why he risks his life guiding others to their hearts desire. He asks if he wishes he had something to cross the desert for, but the soldier just says no. And once they reach the destination, the penguin thanks the soldier and shares a observation. He tells the soldier, "You fight so bravely because you have nothing, you want nothing because you are afraid to have something to lose because if you did, your heart would no longer be steel. The point of the story-
Bryan: You can spend a lifetime hiding from yourself what you truly want.

What are you, a grizzly tracker now, Neils? How do you know the wind's coming from the northeast?