Penny: What are you doing?
Hyman: Just stretching.
Penny: You’re trying to put yourself into stasis. What the hell man?
Hyman: To be honest, I haven’t really enjoyed this episode of my life. What is so great about having a body anyway? You’re hungry all the time. Everything you do makes you sore. You’re pooping constantly.
Penny: That hasn’t been my experience, but your body’s been in a bench for a century. Give it a minute man.
Hyman: And when dramatic things are happening to your friends you can’t even watch.
Penny: This is about me and Julia? You’re pissed because you can’t listen in on everyone’s personal conversations? It’s none of your business.
Hyman: But it is. I put you two together. I ‘shipped you before you even ‘shipped yourselves. Before, I was a part of everything, and now, I am, uh, a minor character in my own story. God.
Penny: Well, that’s the tradeoff. You don’t get to spy on people’s intimate moments; you get to live your own.
Hyman: That’s supposed to be better? If people wanted to talk to me, do you think I would have done this in the first place?
Penny: So spying on the showers was…
Hyman: Loneliness…and horniness.
Penny: You’re never going to make a connection by hiding, Hyman. You got to put yourself out there, just be honest with people. It may take a minute, but you’ll find someone who can stand you.
Hyman: Uh, are you doing that thing where you’re giving me advice, but it’s just for you?
Penny: No, I’m trying to…god damn it, I got to find Julia.

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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 11: "Be The Hyman"
The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Penny: Have you been to a doctor?
Julia: They don’t exactly have ultrasounds in Fillory.
Penny: Have you thought about what this means for us?
Julia: What do you want it to mean?
Penny: We broke up for good reasons. None of that has changed. My dad wasn’t around for long, my mom. Look, I’m not doing that to our kid. I want to be there for him. Her?
Julia: No clue yet. I want you to be there too.

Josh: It seems like I missed a lot here.
Margo: It’s actually super simple. The Dark King a.k.a Rupert Chatwin is trying to jailbreak his dead lover out of hell or whatever, so he needs to get rid of the guard dogs first. Hence, using you as a human smallpox blanket to kill the Takers.
Josh: Yeah, uh, I meant more like … contraception wards are supposed to be full-proof.
Margo: Don’t worry, my uterus is on lock.
Josh: Right, ‘cuz a werewolf baby could be, yikes, but potentially very cute.
Margo: Fucking adorable. Someday. Not now. I’m not giving birth to a god damn litter, Josh. Besides I thought we were done.
Josh: You risked your sanity to save me from the Taker realm. If that doesn’t buy us a clean slate…
Margo: So can we skip to the reunion banging? You’re wearing three rubbers.
Josh: At least.