Barba: I know this is hard to accept, but it's her life, her decision.
Olivia: The girl is not making a decision. She's being extorted.
Barba: Does she see it that way? Maybe taking this job is what's going to help her heal, let her move forward.
Olivia: I don't believe that for a second. And neither do you.
Barba: Of course not. So let's go bury this prick some other way.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 14: "Net Worth"
Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 14 Quotes

Zoe: I need to speak to a detective.
Olivia: I'm Lieutenant Benson. What can I do for you?
Zoe: I was raped.
Olivia: I'm sorry to hear that. Do you know who did it?
Zoe: [looks at newspaper]: Yeah. Him.
Olivia: Eli Colton?
Zoe: The King of Wall Street.

Carisi: Any word?
Fin: Stop asking!
Carisi: It's just, Sergeant Tutoloa has a nice ring to it.