Patricia, its been a real pleasure having you here at Sacred Heart. And I certainly hope, the next time you fall ill, you remember us. Umm.. Im.. not implying that youll get ill. But..its just that... youre old and chances are good... Stop talking Robert!!

Dr. Kelso

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Bob Kelso
Scrubs Season 5 Episode 12: "My Cabbage"
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Scrubs Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

J.D.: Cabbage!
Cabbage and Mark: Yes sir.
J.D.: Oh no, Mark. I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Cabbage.
Mark: But my last name's Cabbage.
J.D.: I know that, but I've nicknamed you "Wolfman" for your keen sense of smell.
J.D.'s narration: And your ridiculously hairy torso.
J.D.: Now, what can I do you for?
Cabbage: Dr D., is the IV supposed to leak like this?
J.D.: Well, yes and no. Mostly no. Really, really all no.

Turk: Dude, you all right? You were gone for a really long time.
J.D.: You're gonna be an awful father!