Eddie: Maybe the best thing for both of us is to move on. I think we should get a divorce.
Katherine: OK.

I don't think you should be off your antidepressants. I know you said you're fine, but since you've been off of them, I haven't been OK. You're not just taking those pills for you. You're taking them for both of us.


I sold the buildings.


I can't do this. My dad was supposed to teach me how to drive. He was supposed to teach me how to do all of this.


Delilah: You can't do what you're doing. I've been doing the same thing since it happened. You can't blame yourself.
Jeri: You shouldn't know this, but, you have the votes. The subway stop is happening. Don't sell those buildings.

Mystery Woman: Are you Delilah Dixon?
Delilah: I'm sorry, do I know you?
Mystery Woman: No, but I knew your husband.

Hunter: Are you mad at me because I made partner?
Katherine: No, I'm mad at the way you told me you made partner. I think you should leave.

There's something I want to tell you. Henry offered me partner.


He was deeply troubled, D. In ways we didn't even know about. He loved you, D. Even in his darkest hour he was thinking about taking care of you.


Hunter: Look, if you're not sure about this, let's wait.
Katherine: OK.

I was too late. I was 12 seconds too late.


Delilah, I know you're upset but everything I did, I did for Jon.