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Everyone is trying to contact Ashley, but she won't respond. 

Ashley meets up with the mysterious woman who turns out to be Jeri, the councilwoman that was supposed to help Jon land the subway station deal that he needed for the area where he purchased all the properties. 

Maggie and Gary find out that the chemo is working and Maggie's cancer is shrinking. 

Katherine tells Eddie that something is going on with Theo and he needs his father, so he brings him on the tour with him for a couple of days. Katherine asks Hunter over for dinner, and she's excited when he agrees. 

Katherine tells Delilah about the subway station deal, and that there is a vote that needs to happen. Ashley finally resurfaces and tells everyone what happened on the day Jon died. She also gives Delilah the letter. 

In the letter, Delilah doesn't say much but just talks about how much he loves them and is trying to protect them. Ashley admits that she took the rutledge money to try to see the deal through in Jon's legacy to honor him. She wanted to fix things so that she could protect the Dixons in his absence. 

They go for the vote. Jeri speaks to Delilah. She tells her not to sell the properties because she has the votes and talks about how guilty she feels and how responsible she feels for Jon's suicide. 

The vote happens, and despite what Jeri said and her vote, it doesn't go their way. But Delilah tells everyone that she sold the properties, so she won't be clear of the debt, but it won't be as astronomical. 

Ashley calls and apologizes to Gary and everyone via a voicemail, and she doesn't tell them why the apartment and deal was so important. She leaves and flies to Spain. 

Gary figures out that the mail that was sent to a wrong address must mean something. He and Delilah go to the apartment. They get in, and they don't find much, but Gary realizes that the view of the place is the same as the painting that Jon gave him for chemo. When they go back to the hospice to see the painting, they notice that the person who painted was named Barbara Morgan. 

After Gary and Rome fail to teach Sophie how to drive, Maggie takes over. They talk about grief and  Jon. They also talk about Maggie telling her parents about her cancer coming back. 

Regina is working on the restaurant and tells Rome that the person that she's working with is sexist. Later she tells Rome that she wants him back on his meds. 

Katherine and Hunter have a great night, and he spends the night, but he tells her the next morning that he made partner. She feels like he waited to tell her until after they slept together. She kicks him out. 

After a talk with his bandmate, Eddie decides to tell Katherine that they need to divorce. 

A Million Little Things
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