A Million Little Things Round Table: Has Delilah Improved?!

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Constance Zimmer is not Barbara Morgan!

That was one of many revelations on A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13. Also, Maggie's health is improving, Eddie chose to divorce Katherine, and so much more.

Join TV Fanatics Rachelle Lewis, Jack Ori, and Christine Orlando as they discuss a fantastic hour.

What would you rate the episode?

Rachelle: I give it an A. There were a lot of questions answered, and there were some beautiful moments. I feel like the Jon business drama is finally going to be put to rest. There are still some unanswered questions, but I think it was an episode that is moving various storyline’s forward.

Jack: I agree with Rachelle. This was a solid episode, and we finally got a lot of answers. There was movement on a lot of stories, not just the mysteries surrounding Jon's death (and life), but also on Katherine/Eddie, Maggie's cancer and her relationship with her parents. And Jon's letter made me cry.

Christine: I give it a B. It answered a lot of questions but also left us with more. What is Jon’s connection to Barbara Morgan, and why was that apartment so important? I felt more connected to Delilah than I ever have, was surprised by Maggie and Sophie’s emotional connection, and proud of Regina being honest with Rome.

Ashley admitted she was trying to salvage the deal and preserve Jon's legacy, and she gave Delilah the blue envelope before she took off. React!

Rachelle: Finally, the reason behind Ashley being shady was revealed. However, I don’t like that she left town. I feel like there is more she is hiding and skipping town was her way of keeping those secrets intact.

Jack: I'm glad we finally found out what was in that envelope. I was about to get annoyed that we didn't get to see the contents for ourselves, and then there was that beautiful scene where Delilah read it with the kids.

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I don't like Ashley leaving town either -- she was cutting off contact with everyone and making it sound like she was going to kill herself too, and there has to be a reason for that beyond guilt over having held onto the letter so long.

Christine: I still don’t agree with Ashley hiding that envelope. Thinking that Jon killed himself and didn’t even bother to leave his family a note was torture for them. I suppose Ashley thought she was trying to fix things, but I don’t see how coming clean would have made things any worse.

Ashley Comes Clean

What was the most shocking or gratifying revelation from the episode?

Rachelle: One of the most gratifying for me was Sophie helping Maggie not only reconnect with her mom but also get back behind the wheel. Even though Maggie believed she was teaching Sophie how to drive, in the end, Sophie taught her so much more.

The most shocking for me was probably that Barbara Morgan painted the painting John hung up for Gary. It was a twist I did not see coming. It has given even more meaning to the painting than viewers initially thought, and I like it.

Jack: I loved the twist of Delilah selling the buildings. As soon as she talked to Jeri in the bathroom, I knew the vote was going to fall through, and I was so scared she'd made the wrong choice. That was a great twist. I also loved the Barbara Morgan twist at the end -- definitely shocking and left me wanting to know more.

Christine: That Barbara Morgan was the painter of the painting Jon hung in the chemo room for Gary. Who was this woman to Jon? Why is that apartment still so important? Now that Delilah has sold it, will we ever find out?

The Painting - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13

Was selling those properties the right call, or do you think it will come back to bite Delilah later?

Rachelle: I think it was the right call, and I was happy she sold them. I had a feeling the vote was not as locked as Jeri or Ashely said, and I didn’t want to see Delilah get screwed over again.

I also think it shows she has more backbone than I previously thought about her. She had to do what is best for her family. I have found her pretty selfish this season, so it gave me more respect for her.

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Jack: She definitely made the right choice. If she'd listened to Jeri or Ashley only two things could have happened. Either she'd lose everything or somehow her conversation with Jeri would come out and mess everything up for her again.

I thought this showed growth on Delilah's part. She did what she thought was best, not what everyone was telling her to do.

Christine: Obviously, it was the right call. I’m proud of Delilah for following her instincts, that’s difficult to do when everyone around you is giving you different advice. Katherine said that accepting this offer wouldn’t pay off all of the debt, so I’m curious as to whether Delilah will still lose the house.

Delilah Makes a Decision - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13

Do you think Eddie's plan was to ask for a divorce, or did he change his mind when he saw the breakfast dishes? Is it the best call?

Rachelle: He did change his mind when he saw the breakfast dishes. I think he was shocked that Katherine had moved on. I feel like he was also jealous, and that stopped him from asking for a divorce.It was not the right call at all.

Since the beginning, it has been clear that Eddie and Katherine’s marriage is over. They are not happy as a couple. They need to get a divorce, not for them, but for Theo. The uncertainty and lack of security are clearly having an effect on the young boy.

Jack: He definitely asked for a divorce after seeing the breakfast dishes. I think he was going to ask Katherine if she wanted to try again before he saw that. It might be the wrong reason, but it's the right call because it will be best for Theo in the end to not harbor hope his parents might get back together and not be in limbo.

Christine: I think he was going to ask her what she wanted to do because Eddie is generally not great at making decisions on his own. But it is best for he and Katherine to move on. Their marriage didn’t work, and they were miserable. Getting them all out of limbo will be good for the entire family.

When Your Estranged Wife Brings a Date - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 8

Did Katherine overreact, or is she just not ready to date yet?

Rachelle: I think both. It was a total jerk move of Hunter not to tell her he made partner before he had sex with her. However, I also think that Katherine wants to date again so she can prove to Eddie and everyone else that she is OK.

I think she needs time to mourn her marriage before she jumps back in the dating pool. I have long felt she was interested in Hunter because he showed interest in her, and she was trying to prove to Eddie that she could move on, as well as that other guys found her intriguing.

I don’t think her dating again has ever been about what she wanted or needed.

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Jack: I think she way overreacted. Hunter has been respectful of her desire to take it slow, and I don't think he withheld the information in order to have sex, but more because he was afraid to tell her, period.

I also think Katherine is not ready to date, and part of her overreaction might have been because she was scared of how fast she had moved with Hunter.

Christine: I don’t think she overreacted at all. As a partner, he’ll effectively be her boss. He should have told her before he slept with her. Not doing so felt manipulative, and I was as upset about it as Katherine.

However, I also think she needs to take more time before she starts dating, or at least sleeping with anyone so that she’s not looking for validation or trying to get over Eddie. It takes a long time to mourn a marriage, but Katherine needs to take the time to work through that.

Katie is Excited

Barbara Morgan painted the painting Jon gave Gary, and it is the view from the apartment. Any thoughts on that or Jon's connection to her?

Rachelle: I truly feel she is a woman who took care of Jon as a child or young adult. I think she was a caretaker to him of some sort. We know nothing about Jon’s family, only that the apartment meant a lot to him.

I think it was Barbara Morgan’s, and she took Jon in at one point in his life. I guess she could be an ex-girlfriend he deeply loved, and something happened to her, or even a good friend. However, those seem a little too obvious, so I am sticking to my original theory.

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Jack: I still think the old woman from across the hall might be Barbara Morgan. We've seen her twice now, and she seems to have more than a neighborly connection with him.

The clues are leading us to think Barbara Morgan was an ex-girlfriend, but I agree with Rachelle that that's way too obvious. I'm wondering if she was a sister, aunt, or surrogate mother of some sort.

Christine: In the flashbacks, Jon keeps apologizing to Barbara. Why? It sounds like he walked away from her for some reason, or that they had a falling out. We really know nothing about Jon’s past, so I’m at a loss as to how she connects to him and why their connection caused Jon so much shame.

Regina is Frustrated - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13

What was your favorite moment, quote, or character from the episode?

Rachelle: Wow, there were so many, but definitely the moments between Sophie and Maggie driving; I love their bond. They helped each other in ways neither even realized, and it was all centered around learning to drive.

Who would have even thought a driving lesson could turn into such important life lessons for both of them, especially Maggie?

I also loved that Maggie finally called her parents after spending time with Sophie, but even as she was on the phone, you could tell she was still struggling with whether or not to let her parents in.

Jack: I can't pick just one! Hearing Jon's letter brought me to tears. I also loved the moment when Delilah revealed she had sold the buildings -- I literally breathed a sigh of relief!

And Theo's talk with Eddie was sweet, too. I like seeing this side of Eddie rather than the selfish Delilah-obsessed side. And finally, I agree with Rachelle that Maggie getting behind the wheel and talking to her parents were awesome moments.

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Christine: All of the above, but I’ll pick Regina finally telling Rome how she felt about him choosing not to take his medication. Given his suicide attempt, having him stop his treatment must be terrifying for her, and it is something they need to talk about. I was proud of Regina for sharing her fears.

Over to you, Million Things Fanatics! What are your responses?! Hit the comments!

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