He really was such a wonderful scene partner. He gave me so much to play with, some of my best performances.

Audrey [about Dominic]

If I die, I just want you all to know I had so many wonderful performances waiting for you. There were so many things I was going to give to you as my fans. And I promise you, I promise you, I will love you always. I had so much more to give. I love you.

Audrey [to the camera]

Lee: Please don't do this. People don't eat people!
Mama Polk: If you ain't Polk...
Jether: ...you ain't people.

Poor Shelby! I feel like a part of me has died with her! Oh my god.


Shelby would never kill herself! She's way too self-centered to commit suicide. I played her for six months! I know her better than I know myself.


I paid good money for these teeth.


We're part of the United States! We get TV!