American Horror Story Round Table: The Nightmare Continues

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The shocking deaths continued with American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 8, as we lost several more members of the cast.

Shelby died by her own hand, and Dominic was cast out to the metaphorical wolves – or pig, technically – while Lee and Audrey killed Mama Polk and her creepiest son Jether in order to make their escape. 

Meanwhile, unknown to Audrey, Lee confessed to the murder of Mason and was intent on heading back to the Polk farm to retrieve and destroy the evidence – but on their way out of the cursed house, the two women bumped into an unexpected newcomer.

Join TV Fanatics Yana, Paul, and Amanda as they discuss all of the shocking deaths, gruesome killers, and unexpected twists of "Chapter 8"!

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Whose death was the most shocking?

Yana: I know this was probably the most obvious one, but Shelby. I didn't see her dying like that, and if we're being honest, I was actually waiting for something to jump out of that shower and kill her first. But it also made sense that if she was going to die, it would be connected to Matt in a way.

Paul: I'm also going with Shelby. For some reason, I expected her to last all the way until the finale.

Amanda: Definitely Shelby. I thought she was going to make it to the end, but it's fitting she would take her own life after murdering Matt. She wouldn't be able to live with it.

We're down to three (or four, if you count newcomer Dylan). Who do you think is the survivor now?

Yana: Still Lee, but I am worried that her decision to go back to that farm might actually ruin her chances right now. She just made it out of there, she is lucky she even got that chance, so going back is asking to be killed at this point.

Paul: I still think Lee. If Audrey survives, I would not be impressed. She's so damn unlikable.

Amanda: It has to be Lee. It's idiotic for her to try to go back to get the tape, but she has the most survival instincts out of those who are left.

Were you surprised to hear Lee admit that she'd killed Mason?

Yana: I was surprised that she did it on tape! You never ever admit to any murder if there's a chance that the conversation is recorded! And Lee literally made sure there was this evidence against herself.

I guess there's a chance she wouldn't be put on trial again (I'm assuming she was?) because of double jeopardy? But she was really not thinking anything through. I mean, did she really think her murderers would send something to her daughter when that would connect them back to cannibalism?

Paul: What I'd like to know is how the heck she managed to string him up. She must have had someone to help.

Amanda: Yes, but only in the sense that she murdered him of her own free will. I assumed she had been under a trance like state, like Matt was. Question though, if we are watching the found footage, does that mean she was unsuccessful at retrieving her confession tape? If Lee does survive, she's probably in prison right now.

Of all of the various ghosts, cannibals, and unhinged killers on the lose, who has been the scariest and why?

Yana: Probably the cannibals, because that's a monster that's more real than ghosts who are killing because of a blood moon. That's something that could actually happen in some screwed up small town somewhere. Maybe not, but it's worth looking up, because I'm sure there's been some weird cases.

Paul: The Polks. They are scary because of how forward they are. They have no compunction with cutting a few ears off.

Amanda: The Polks, because cannibals are scary no matter what. Also, the Polks can kill people any time of the year, as opposed to the ghosts who have to wait for the blood moon.

Any final predictions as we head into the last two episodes of the season?

Yana: People will die.

Paul: I think we're in for another reset. Maybe another return to Roanoake?

Amanda: There will be some sort of twist for the surviving person.

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