You can lie, but your boner can't.

Lana, this isn't entirely about race.

You really spent your entire inheritence on the poors?


I'm Randy Magnum, local Emmy-winning cameraman and nationally ranked pro kite surfer.


Great, the world's first DSVUI.


Something something danger zone. I know. I'm not even trying anymore.

That's why she hijacked his helicopter? Talk about rich people problems...

Look, auditory hallucinations aren't going to make you any less delicious.

Pam [to "crab"]

Hairy navel. It started as a fuzzy, but I'm calling this vacation.

Archer: Are you kidding, I didn't even let [Woodhouse] go to his own brother's funeral.
Lana: Was he crushed?
Archer: He probably would have been if I told him about it.

Lana: Thank you for making me carry your bag through customs.
Woodhouse: No, thank you.

Something about nukes in Pakistan. Or one of the 'akistans.

Archer Season 4 Quotes

Ray: Ooh! Here's an idea. Why don't you just saw your God damned head off?
Cyril: Geez. What's up your butt?
Ray: Nothing is up my butt, Cyril. Oh, or maybe there is. I wouldn't know because I'm paralyzed from the waist down and it's Archer's fault!
Krieger: Uh, gettin' some mileage out of that, huh?

Malory: Duly noted and disregarded. And I expect you to be totally convincing.
Lana: As the damsel in distress? Have you ever met a woman less damselly?
Malory: Pam.