Mouse: Where's the rock?
Alice: Hidden among forty-five storeys of anywhere and a million square feet of possibility. Our beloved little rock may as well be a grain of sand upon a beach.

Luke: You are holding the only shard of Kryptonite on the planet.
Kate: Why was this in a puddle in the Bat Cave?
Luke: Safe keeping. Bruce was holding onto it for a friend.
Kate: Lemme guess. Tights. Cape. Big 'S' on his chest?

Luke: Kate knows what she's doing.
Mary: No, Kate thinks she knows what she's doing which can be worse than most people not knowing what they're doing.

Mary: Tim 'the Titan' Teslow. Obviously you know the basics, right?
Kate: Just remind me again.
Mary: He was pretty much the Goliaths best tight-end of all time. A TD every game. Over a hundred catches and over a thousand yards every season.
Kate: Let's not assume I know what any of those words mean cause I'm a lesbian.

Mouse: You poisoned me? Why did you do that?
Alice: Because I couldn't let you leave me. Not you, too.

If only pain could turn to ash with the strike of a match. But my pain is a part of me the way my family is a part of me.


I feel like Gotham's got enough Greek tragedy happening at the moment.


Alice: Bats! What is happening? Why are they here?
Mouse: Because bats eat rats, Alice. And that's what we are down here. We are rats living among rats.

Mary: Hey! I thought we were Bat-huddling over this Titan Tesla psycho.
Luke: Bat-huddling isn't a thing. And I'm off to destroy an alien mineral.

Luke: I trust her, Kate.
Kate: Then I can't trust your judgement.
Luke: Says the girl who went home with a bartender and left the key to destroying Gotham on the nightstand.

Luke: She's not scheming against us.
Kate: And you would know that how? Did she pretend to fall in love with you when she was really just a babysitter sent by Bruce Wayne?
Mary: Oooookay, it's time to day drink.

Hush: Alice, don't keep killing them.
Alice: Well, they keep disappointing me.

Batwoman Season 1 Quotes

My cousin figured it out years ago -- Be more terrifying than your enemy.

Kate Kane

What's the difference between being hopeful and being crazy?

Kate Kane