Denise: Did you hear that she called Cassie?
Mark: Yeah. Why do you think I rushed back?
Denise: Aw, you're worried about her. How sweet.
Mark: More like smart. Scarlet's a sociopath.
Denise: Still sweet.

Jenny: I have to do something.
Cassie: Arrest Veer. Take away his target.

You'll never be safe. There are so many more of me.

Humbert [to Scarlet]

Alicia: Careful you don't die here.
Tonya: Yeah. I'll watch out for that.

Jag: Hey, you need to be careful.
Ren: I got this. You rest up.

Jenny: I think Travis is going to kill Veer Bhullar. And I need to stop it.
Beau: You mean we? We. You, me. Deputy Popcorn. The team.

Jag: This isn't you.
Richard: You don't know anything.
Jag: I know that you're not a killer, right?
Richard: Not before. But you turned me into one.

I know you're a cop, Stone. Uh, such a stupid, macho name. I hate that I thought it was hot.


I sure hope nothing bad happens to your father. Dangerous world out there.

Jenny [to Ren]

Veer: You really think you can do better than me?
Ren: I know I can.

Ren: Wait! Aren't you gonna let us go?
Jenny: I prefer you with your hands tied. Every time I take my eyes off you, another body drops.

Veer: Don't you challenge my decisions you spoiled little brat.
Jag: You need to step down.
Veer: My God. Did she actually put you up to this?
Jag: No, she didn't, Dad. It was our decision together.
Veer: Just like the move to Montana was?

Big Sky Quotes

A kid, Mason Ford, is dead. Others are gonna die. We need to stop them.

Jenny [to Tubb]

Broken roads are like broken people sometimes. They just want to be loved. Easy peasy.

Trooper Rick