Cassie: We're gonna find him.
Jenny: Damn right we are.

You know what I have a hard time with? You killing two people. Thinking about killing me. And you going free. That's kind of awful.

Merilee [to Rick]

Jerrie: I really don't think he'll hurt him.
Rachel: Okay.

Cassie: Hey, you sure you're okay?
Jenny: Yeah, I'm fine.
Cassie: No, look, you don't do that ever again. I don't want to have to tell your son, you're not coming home. You hear me?
Jenny: I get it.

Jenny: Probably shouldn't admit this. But there's a part of me that hopes he doesn't surrender and that I have to kill him.
Cassie: It's not as much fun as you think.
Jenny: It'll be fun enough.

Penelope: I don't shame, if that's where you're headed. I don't beat myself up.
Merilee: Difference between us, I guess. I do.

Erik: If you kill a kid, you'll never even make it to trial. This is Montana!
Ronald: Shut up!

Cassie: You're sick.
Penelope: Tell somebody who cares.

If I did what you say I did, what others are telling me that I did, then I most surely hope to die as well. Maybe I already have.


Jerrie: He took somebody else?
Jenny: Yeah. We think. Are you okay?
Jerrie: I might be losing my mind. Like, I keep seeing him. Like I'm hallucinating. I see him in the shadows. Or I hear him breathing behind me but he's not there. It's like my mind is playing tricks.

Tubb: Hey. We're gonna increase the drive-bys where you're staying.
Jerrie: Can't you just position somebody there?
Tubb: I wish we could.
Jerrie: I should be okay. My friend's husband has a big dog. And a big gun. I think it's an AK-47.
Tubb: Okay, I didn't hear that.

Cassie: If you know anything at all about this guy...
Merilee: I don't. Obviously I don't know anything. Except that I'm the world's biggest dope.

Big Sky Quotes

Broken roads are like broken people sometimes. They just want to be loved. Easy peasy.

Trooper Rick

Jenny: Is that the lyric of the day? It's all over now.
Cassie: What's going on?
Jenny: You tell me, Cass. Are you sleeping with my husband?