You take something that doesn't belong to you, you're a perp. Or did you miss that class at the Academy?


You're lucky you were riding with Renzulli and not me. I would have knocked your teeth in.


If you guys aren't going prosecute these people we might as well shoot them in the street.


Still, when I saw you walk into that bank like John Wayne, I wanted to choke you.


Jackie: Do you Reagans ever take a day off?
Danny: Not if we can help it.

Danny: What did you tell her, Mom? That all of us cops are stupid and you're such a genius?
Erin: Yeah, basically.

Hey Dad. The Batmobile just showed up.


I like that you don't sugar coat anything. It's refreshing after a full day of lawyers.


Jack: Can we have cotton candy?
Linda: We'll see
Jack: We'll see like yes or we'll see like no?
Linda: We'll see like we'll see.

Family is what makes us strong.


Danny: The good son, huh?
Kevin: There's one in every Irish family.
Danny: True.

Frank: Be careful. If he's anything like his old man...
Danny: If I'm anything like my old man, he's the one that better be careful.