Priest: Are you ready?
Jamie: Yes.
Priest: Are you absolutely sure?
Jamie: Why are you asking?
Priest: Because I have only lost three marriages to divorce and I don't want any more dents in my record.

Maria: Danny's having doubts.
Erin: Doubts? Why?
Maria: Because when we arrested her she swore up and down she's not guilty.
Erin: Don't they all?
Maria: That's what I said.
Erin: What am I missing here? What's different about this one?
Danny: I believed her, that's what.

You're all fired. If my inner circle cannot collaborate, I will find people who can. Personal feuds have no place in this building. Now that's my Plan B. Anyone want to hear Plan A?


Jamie: This is great. We're about to get married and I find out that you have a problem with my sister.
Eddie: Of course I do. She is smart, she is confident, she is beautiful, and she is good at her job. Basically every woman's worst nightmare.
Jamie: So you're every woman's worst nightmare? Because as far as I can see, you just described yourself.

She looks like a sweet, innocent little thing with all the stuffed animals, but believe me, she's got a temper.

Mrs. Harris

Sid: Chain of command.
Baker: Excuse me?
Sid: Chain of command. I'm a lieutenant. Anything that goes to the boss has to go through me first.
Garett: Actually, it goes through me.
Sid: You're a civilian.
Garett: Here we go again.

I'm gonna say something I don't say very often. You should have let me handle this.


Erin: Eddie, when I am in this office, I only take one side: the truth.

There is nothing to be nervous about. You are going to be a beautiful bride and my brother is a lucky guy.