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Erin talks to a witness in a shooting. He says he heard a shot but didn't see it. That is not what his statement says. He claims he never said that and that he heard shots and saw a guy running away. All he saw was a guy running.  Erin asks if he was threatened to change his testimony. He says no. She says she is going to talk to the officer.

Anthony tells Erin that Eddie is the officer in question.

Garett and Sid argue over whether it's hold your peace or hold your piece. 

There is a meeting with Baker about the social media plan. Frank has to write his wedding speech.

Erin calls Eddie into her office. Eddie says what she wrote is true. Erin says one of them is mistaken is lying. Eddie is offended by that, especially when Erin implies Eddie is the liar.

Baez and Danny are at a crime scene. There is a dead guy on the bed.

Baker tells Garett she can explain.

Garett and Sid are angry that Baker didn't go to them first but argue over who is higher up in the chain of command. Baker thinks this is about bruised egos.

Danny asks Maria to pretend she's Erin. Maria imitates Erin saying there's no probable cause. Danny didn't mean literally but that was funny. 

Danny goes through the actual evidence. Maria says not good enough. Patrick Harris mother interrupts.

Mrs. Harris thinks the ex-girlfriend did it. She has letters to back up her belief.

Eddie rants to Jamie. Jamie says did Erin actually call you a liar? Jamie thinks they should drop this. This doesn't sound like Erin.

Garett goes to Frank who wants to talk about the social media law enforcement plan. He also wants Garett to loop in Sid and Abigail. Garett says so you're ordering me to vet my idea with them? Frank is confused. Garett says it's fine and leaves. 

Danny and Maria talk to the suspect who says that she and Patrick were soulmates and she left to go to work. She is shocked to hear Patrick is dead. She says she had nothing to do with this. She is upset to be a suspect. She wants to call her parents and a lawyer.

Erin meets Jamie outside court and says Frank is nervous about his speech. Jamie asks about Eddie's meeting with Erin. Erin says when she's in her office she's a cop and she's going to get to the bottom of any discrepancies. Jamie said you sure it's not about something else? Erin says she likes Eddie fine and will like her more when she starts fighting her own battles.

Maria has an idea. If her fingerprints are on the knife...At her office there were palm print sensors. They can get a subpoena without dealing with Erin.

Garett and Sid are there to see Frank. Frank wants Abigail in the room. He asks if there's anything he needs to know. No one talks and he fires all of them. He says if they can't collaborate he will find people who can. That's his Plan B. Plan A is for all of them to come to a consensus tomorrow morning.

Eddie is angry that Jamie made her look weak. She wants to marry him but not become a Reagan.

Rachel is freaked out when Danny shows her the knife. He says her fingerprints are on the knife. She says her lawyer says she doesn't have to go with them if she isn't under arrest. Danny says she is under arrest. She gets on her knees and starts begging him to believe her while Maria cuffs her.

Eddie is watching someone. She gets into another car and is annoyed Anthony is there too. They're both staking out Leo Morris, the witness who lied. She says he gave her that statement. Anthony says Erin is no-nonsense on the job, Reagans are all like that. Their entire life is this job. He says she needs to know what she's getting herself into.

Sid doesn't know whether this reporter can quote him and has to call Garett. Garett says no to quoting and won't help further.

Abigail doesn't know what to do with Sid's files. He's also offended by what she thinks of him and won't help.

Garett calls and can't get into the system. Abigail is offended by what he thinks of her and won't help.

Erin compliments Maria. Danny has doubts because the woman swore she was innocent. 

Eddie confronts Morris who runs away and gets caught by Anthony. They have a bank statement proving he lied.

Jamie comes to see Frank and finds Garett slamming papers on a desk. Garett says Frank is expecting Jamie. Jamie comes in and asks what he just saw? Frank doesn't know yet. He wants to go over his speech with Jamie. Jamie doens't like Frank's joke. Frank throws his speech away. Frank says okay, what's going on?

Jamie tells Frank it's the jitters. Frank says not you, Eddie? Jamie says Eddie seems spooked, doesn't want to lose herself. Frank says that makes sense -- after all, how often has Jamie been to Eddie's for Sunday dinner? Jamie realizes Eddie doesn't have a family like the Reagans have. Frank says don't make her do all the work to adjust to us.

Danny says Patrick and Rachel didn't go to the bar together. Maria says but they still went home together. Danny wonders what Patrick's plans were if not with Rachel. He had a date with someone else. They had a fight on tape.

The crew is now getting along. Abigail says she wanted Frank to know the idea was hers. Garett apologizes for their behavior towards her. He admits he felt threatened. Abigail says she couldn't do Garett's job. Sid admits he knows he is barely keeping his head above water. Abigail tells him he's the beating heart of this place.

Frank walks in on the group hugging. Garett says they ahve the revisions. Frank says that was never his point.

Danny meets with the new suspect and her lawyer. He has surveillance footage showing her covered with blood.

Eddie comes to see Erin. Erin says nice work. Leo amitted to being bribed into silence. He and the two guys who bribed him are going to jail.

Erin apologizes. Eddie says she overreacted and whined to Jamie about it. She was mad that he went to Erin but she wouldn't have complained if she didn't want him to do that. She says Erin wasn't picking on her, she was treating her as an equal.

Lena makes a speech at the rehearsal dinner. She admires their sincerity and brutal honesty.

Frank gives a nice speech. He is late to the actual wedding.

Frank is with Eddie who wants him to walk her down the aisle.

The procession starts. Frank walks Eddie. Lena is near tears. Jamie smiles as Eddie comes up to him. The credits roll.


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