Blue Bloods Season 10: Should Viewers be a Part of Eddie and Jamie's Full Wedding?

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Although Blue Bloods is a police drama, the thing that keeps most viewers coming back week after week is the close-knit nature of the Reagan family.

The Sunday family dinner scenes are always fan favorites, and many fans were excited to welcome Eddie Janko to the table after Jamie proposed to her!

But Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22 provided only a brief glimpse of Eddie and Jamie's nuptials, leaving viewers hungry for more.

(TALL) Jamie and Eddie's Wedding Day - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22

The credits rolled right after Frank walked Eddie down the aisle, meaning that could be a wrap on Jamie and Eddie's wedding.

That would be a mistake.

"Jamko" fans are just as passionate about this couple as soap opera fans are about their favorite couples!

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They've waited five years for Jamie and Eddie to get together, only for Jamie to propose off-screen, and the only hint of romance for these two throughout Blue Bloods Season 9 was the repetition of their vows several times and one discussion about whether they wanted to have children

The Proud Father - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22

That left Jamko fans feeling cheated, but the promise of the wedding kept them watching anyway.

Only the wedding episode...wasn't about the wedding.

It was understandable and even acceptable for there to be drama around Erin getting into it with Eddie over a work-related matter, and Frank's difficulty writing his toast and difficulty getting his employees to get along were both cute.

The Men Celebrate - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22

But those pre-wedding stories could have been combined with the story on Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21 about Eddie's father wanting to be part of the wedding even though he's a con man who is in prison!

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The writers and producers might have felt there was no need to devote an entire hour to Jamie and Eddie's wedding, but viewers didn't agree, and tuning in for a wedding that didn't happen felt like a disappointing bait-and-switch.

The good news is that there's still time to correct that mistake.

Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 1 could feature the wedding, either in real time or as a flashback as Eddie and Jamie begin working their next case or whatever it is they're doing.

Frank Toasts - Blue Bloods  Season 9 Episode 22

And why not do that? What would it hurt?

Sure, Blue Bloods is a procedural, but it's a procedural with family at its heart, and what's a stronger family scene than everyone reacting to Jamie and Eddie finally saying those vows for real?

There'd be plenty of room for Danny's family to talk about how much they miss Linda at a time like this, too. 

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Linda was a fan favorite, and many were unhappy with her death being off-screen prior to the beginning of Blue Bloods Season 8.

Lena's Toast - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22

So acknowledging her absence at Jamko's wedding would be a double win for fans who have waited so long for closure both with their favorite couple and the death of a favorite character.

And what about Erin and Anthony? Blue Bloods has teased a romance between them for at least two seasons, but nothing's ever happened.

Fans would be thrilled to see Erin bring Anthony to the wedding reception as her work date, with a possibility of something more.

The showrunners might feel all that is way too much romance and that Blue Bloods should be a crime drama with family elements, not a family drama with crime elements.

Erin Celebrates - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22

But that doesn't mean that the show should be devoid of romance either!

Just because Frank replaced his late wife with his job doesn't mean viewers JUST want police drama and nothing else.

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Besides, that problem is easily solved by creating an emergency that forces the Reagans to cut the party short.

If done right, it could solidify Eddie's awareness that she is now part of the Reagan family and what that means.

There'd be room for Eddie's mother to put in her two cents about Jamie or his family leaving the party to tend to the citizens of New York City, and Eddie might initially be upset then decide to put on her uniform too and join Jamie.

THAT would be a satisfying end to their wedding!

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The bottom line is that for nine years, viewers have let the Reagan family into their home on Friday nights.

When you watch a show for that long, it starts to feel like visiting with your own family.

Visiting Eddie's Dad - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 21

So not showing the wedding makes viewers feel like they weren't invited to their TV friends' special occasion even though they know it's all fiction and no one's really getting married.

Some viewers may spend the entire summer discussing whether the wedding is going to take place when Blue Bloods returns for Season 10.

So why not build upon that by giving us the wedding we hope for?

What do you think, Blue Bloods Fanatics? Would you like to see Jamie and Eddie's wedding continue on Blue Bloods Season 10?

Hit the comments with your thoughts, and don't forget you can watch Blue Bloods online right here on TV Fanatic if you missed anything!

Blue Bloods will return to CBS for a 10th season in the fall of 2019, when it will air its 200th episode.  Blue Bloods Season 9 reruns continue to air on Fridays at 10 PM EST/PST.

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