Abby: I just, um, wanted to discuss you leaving.
Trace: I-I thought we talked about that.
Abby: Yeah. I've been thinking about it a lot and I don't think I can do this anymore.
Trace: But we've been doing it, and from my perspective, it's been working.
Abby: Yeah, and I know this might sound selfish, and I want you to be happy. This isn't the life that I want, and I can't share your dreams by giving up mine.
Trace: I'm living my dream. Right here, right now. And I thought this was your dream too.
Abby: I want a life with you, Trace. I want a family with you. I want to spend my life with you.
Trace: Abby. Abby, we can make this work. We have before and we're doing it now. We can have it all.
Abby: No, we can't have it all. Because we want different things. Trace, when I came back home for my family I knew everything I was giving up and I don't think you're ready to do that for us yet.

Kevin: I can't keep doing this. Not being with you. So, before I left, I applied to Philadelphia Fire Department as a paramedic.
Sarah: What? Really?
Kevin: Yeah.
Sarah: You'd leave your family for me?
Kevin: Well, the way I see it is that I wouldn't really be leaving my family.

Megan: Hey, I'm glad that you're getting along with your dad.
Connor: Yeah, well. It's news to me.
Megan: Connor. Con. I'm sorry. For everything.
Connor: Thank you for saying that.

Abby: Bree, it's not that bad.
Bree: Really? Um, a fictional novel broke our family, and now a fictional character is about to break the rest of my life.
Jess: Caroline is planning on ruining your life?
Bree: She might, yeah. I mean, based on how last night went.
Jess: Well, she might be too late.
Bree: Oh, thanks.

Bree: Fine, the book has everything to do with us. And maybe, it's not who we are today, but it is what happened, okay? At least from what I remember. And what happened can't be undone, but at least we can take some responsibility for it, and, for me, that means not hiding behind my book anymore, and not waiting for somebody to bless it so that I can publish it. I'm going to publish it, it's the truth. It's my truth.
Megan: There's a lot you don't know.
Bree: I know that, Mom. We've been through it.
Jess: Okay, I still don't know anything.
Megan: Jess, I wasn't well, so I left to get help. But honey, I tried to take you, and you, and all of you with me.
Mick: Megan, you were the one who left, that didn't give you the right to take the kids with you.
Connor: Yeah, and not to mention, it would've been completely illegal.
Kevin: Wait. She was just trying to keep the family together.
Jess: By leaving us?

Abby: Your new office?
Mick: It was too late to drive into Baltimore, so I thought I'd do a little work here. How'd you find me?
Abby: Mom spilled the beans.
Mick: Ah. Our own Benedict Arnold.
Abby: Hmm. You know, I could say the same about you.
Mick: I thought we'd already gone over the club.
Abby: I'm not, uh, talking about the club. I was talking about Bree's book.
Mick: I, I just don't get why she wrote it.
Abby: Well, she's trying to understand what happened.
Mick: Well, all she had to do was ask.

Kevin: Where's everyone else?
Abby: Uh, Bree didn't come because of, uh, Mom, and Mom didn't come because of Bree, and with Jess and David cooking, Gran left early to go pick up some burnt sienna and yellow ochre.
Sarah: Burnt sienna?
Kevin: Yeah, sounds like Gran is painting again.
Mick: How's Trace doing?
Abby: Still pretty upset.

Kevin: You look nervous. You worried your parents aren't gonna like me?
Sarah: Nope. No. I'm nervous you're not gonna like my family. My dad can be pretty intimidating.
Kevin: I'm sure I will survive.
Sarah: He used to be a Navy SEAL.
Kevin: I'm pretty sure I will survive.

Bree: Mom?
Megan: You write beautifully, Bree.
Bree: Hey, um. Mom the book isn't about the family. Okay, fine. I didn't intend for it to be.
Megan: If that's how you see me, then you don't know me at all.

Kevin: So what would happen if you didn't go?
Sarah: To your party? Didn't you just invite me?
Kevin: No, Philly.
Sarah: Wait. I don't understand.
Kevin: What would happen if you just stayed here and worked?
Sarah: But you'd be in New York.
Kevin: No I wouldn't. I could stay.
Sarah: And do what?
Kevin: Look, I don't know okay? I don't care. I just, I don't want to lose you. And it wouldn't be forever. I would eventually get a paramedic job.
Sarah: You can't do that with your career. You're a paramedic and you're going to be a great one. I'm not letting you give that up, not even for a moment.
Kevin: What if I don't want to give you up? Not even for a moment.
Sarah: Listen, we'll find a way to make it work.

Abby: Today I had a meeting with Terri Ingram.
Trace: Why? What's wrong? Was it about Carrie and Caitlyn?
Abby: No. No, um, business. She wants advice, and I'm just having trouble separating Ms. Marvel from Ms. Ingram.
Trace: Yeah. Or Chris from his waffles.
Abby: You know what? It's going to be fine. I'm just going to be professional and do my job.
Trace: Yes, yes, and I am going to try to get Chris to compromise.

Jess: Dad I can't lose the inn. I just can't
Mick: It's gonna be okay, sweetheart.
Jess: Dad, I don't think it will this time. Dad, this was me. This was my chance at being the better Jess. This was my chance at being successful, like everyone else in this family. Now, this is me. Messing up again.
Mick: You're not messing up, sweetie-pie. You're not messing up. It's gonna be okay. You're gonna be fine.

Chesapeake Shores Season 3 Quotes

Mick: So, you and Conor still not speaking?
Kevin: Uh, not really. Ever since he moved out, we just haven't seen each other all that much.

Abby: Between his experience and Kevin's education, running the B and B will be a piece of cake.
Megan: I'm not cleaning up!