If Michael Ellis is acquitted, you come into work the next morning, start a new case, while I, an elected official, am voted out of office come November.


When you shot Michael Ellis were you thinking with your head or your crotch?


We're all sleeping in our own beds tonight. Let the city sleep too.


Burgess: Is this a bad idea?
Roman: One hundred percent.

What about the Myers'? They're the ones that started this whole ball rolling. That mother? I'd like to see her get arrested in a very public place. I'd like to be the one who does it.


Lindsay: Mothers like that make me wish I could send Bunny a greeting card.
Halstead: There's a whole section: Glad you weren't as bad a mom as I thought.

Look, I am in a mood the likes of which have not been seen since 1997, so I just need a 24-hour freeze on people getting shot, running drugs, bashing each other's heads in, and especially abandoned babies on lakefronts, ok?


Halstead: Ruzek and Burgess...and Roman. That sounds like a horror movie right there.
Lindsay: It'll probably be a PG-13 deal.

Voight: Dr. Charles, appreciate you coming down.
Charles: Isn't it about time we put my prints through the palm scanner?
Voight: Yeah right after we finish your personalized parking space.

Voight: Did you know Ruby was pregnant? Seven weeks?
Stommer: Well she is a prostitute. I imagine that's an occupational hazard.

As of eleven minutes ago I am on furlough for one week preparing for the wedding my father always dreamed he'd drop the ball on.


You want me to be the one to tell you that you should not date your partner?


Chicago PD Season 3 Quotes

Roman: What the hell is that?
Platt: My wedding planner from when I was engaged.
Roman: To what?
Platt: Tiger Beat go get some coffee. This is girl talk.

I don't know who you are, but tell Lindsay she made me a better cop, if you ever see her again.