Chicago PD Round Table: Vengeful Voight

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Voight was on the warpath for revenge after his son was shot on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 23

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Amy Perrin to discuss what's next for Burgess, Lindsay and Voight's relationship, and our thoughts on that intense finale!
Chicago PD 1-27-15

Will Burgess get a new partner next season or move up to Intelligence?

Amy: I think it is more likely that Burgess will get a new partner.

Elizabeth: I'd love to see her move up, but it seems easier to just find her a new partner than to find two new beat cops. Or maybe not...

Stacy: I could see her moving up temporarily, but I also think she will get a new partner. It does seem easier than bringing in two new cops for Platt to torment, but that could be fun.

How will Voight and Lindsay's relationship be affected next season?

Amy: Their relationship might be strained for awhile, but I do not expect much to change. Lindsay will no doubt be plagued with some guilt for leaving Voight with that guy, but she tried her best.

Elizabeth: I think she'll resent him for putting her in that position. He's essentially forcing her to keep his secret, and I can see her crumbling a little from the pressure of that, and then resenting him.

Stacy: I think this is going to weigh hard on Lindsay, and I can see her resenting him for awhile too. I defintely think this is going to put a strain on their relationship.

What will happen to Voight? Will he keep his command of Intelligence? If not, who takes over?

Amy: I am not convinced that Voight shot that guy, so I do not see why he would lose Intelligence. If he does though, I would imagine Antonio taking over temporarily.

Elizabeth: Even before he shot that guy, command didn't really want to keep him on the streets with Intelligence. Since Antonio turned down the job, I think bringing in an outsider seems likely. It creates conflict and advances the storyline, so it's a pretty viable solution from a writing standpoint.

Stacy: Voight disobeyed a direct order not to pursue the case, so I think there will be consequences of that whether he shot the guy or not. I think he did, but either way no one knows about that except Lindsay. I could see him being suspended and Antonio taking over for a period of time. He turned it down, but he didn't seem entirely convinced, and I think he'd find that a better solution than bringing in an outsider.

What did you think of the finale as a whole?

Amy: I thought that it was really good, and very intense. It was rough watching Voight burn that guy's face on the stove, but otherwise I was always enjoy seeing Voight being a badass. I was really sad that Justin's injuries were fatal. After watching a death on Law & Order: SVU before this it was just too much sorrow. Jason Beghe gave a powerful performance in this episode. He is such an amazing actor.

Elizabeth: The case of wasn't as tight as some others have been -- I totally lost the thread of who we were chasing and why they had come after Justin and the woman.

Stacy: I loved the intensity of it, and thought Jason and Sophia gave great performances. I agree that I wasn't following the details of case as closely as usual, but that's because I was so wrapped up in Voight's warpath.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Amy: I liked the scene in the beginning where Voight was telling Justin how proud he was of him. I also liked the scenes with Burgess and Lindsay, and Olinksy and Voight.

Elizabeth: The stuff at the beginning was definitely easier to like because the rest was so dark. I liked the scene where Burgess approached Erin in the break room. Her role in that family is often defined by her relationship with Voight, but Justin was basically her brother.

Stacy: I have to go with the end, with Lindsay pleading to Voight and then driving away, sobbing. That was really powerful.

Grade season 3.

Amy: I give it a B+. There were stories that I did not like that much, but overall it was a solid season. I love the cast, and it is well-written.

Elizabeth: B-. There were some pretty major storylines that were just dropped (I'm looking at you, Olinsky and Michelle). There were some good cases, but there were also a fair amount that were forgettable or overly confusing.

Stacy: B- as well. I thought this was the weakest season so far. I still enjoyed it, but the dropped Olinsky story line and the Burgess/Roman pairing have me docking points.

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

Lindsay: Hey, Roger SImpson, Melissa's father is downstairs.
Voight: Al?
Olinsky: We should start drawing straws.

This meeting's like a coin flip. Am I getting a department commendation or the firing squad?