Lindsay: So what? Ainge gets to go back to club life like nothing ever happened?
Voight: No, he doesn't.

You know they name parks and streets after politicians in this city. Women like that are the real heroes and nobody ever knows their names.


Burgess: We want to try something. Go on the app, put in a profile similar to Kosar's. Catfish the catfisher.
Platt: Is that a Dr. Seuss book?

Voight: Al, you like him for it?
Olinsky: Once a wife beater, always a wife beater.

That is kind of funny, the only reason I'm here is to keep him from getting to you. Now I'm standing over there thinking about what the hell I'd do to you if you talked to me like that. There's one thing I hate, it's a hypocrite. (to Halstead) You got five minutes.


I've seen a 65-year-old woman killed over a $2 lotto scratcher. We're talking six figures here.


Jay, take a step back or go home. It's your call.


Listen, man, why don't you take some of those vacation days we never use?


Brianna: Being cops I would hope that you wouldn't have to pay for anything.
Halstead: Used to be that we didn't. Now we get written up for taking a stick of gum.

Platt: I can't believe you made me eat a sandwich wrapped in lettuce.
Roman: You gotta stay away from the carbs, they'll dull your senses.
Platt: This is Chicago. We put bread on meat. It gives us comfort. It makes us strong.

Well either your dad's mixed up with the wrong people or he's the unluckiest man in the world.


Voight: I already offered Burgess a spot in this unit. She turned it down.
Lindsay: Everybody deserves a second chance. That's what it said on the coffee shop chalkboard this morning.

Chicago PD Season 3 Quotes

Roman: What the hell is that?
Platt: My wedding planner from when I was engaged.
Roman: To what?
Platt: Tiger Beat go get some coffee. This is girl talk.

I don't know who you are, but tell Lindsay she made me a better cop, if you ever see her again.