Mulu: Here's to the FBI finally letting my girl shine in the sun!
Ardelia: Sprung from the cold-case dungeon.

Was it a nightmare seeing Cody?
Clarice. No. Seeing the mother was the nightmare.


Clarice, some monster killed two little kids.

Ardelia [to Claire]

Clarke: It's weird though. How do you know this guy?
Krendler: Murray, there's a dead kid in Alexandria.

Krendler: Are you OK?
Clarice: My people have pulled coal out of the ground in West Virginia for the last 100 years. When we say we're OK, we're OK.

Clarke: Also, define "OK." Starling is good but has she even been OK?
Claire: Are you OK, Agent Clarke?

Krendler: Has anyone seen Starling?
Tripathi: ViCAP's new motto. We should have new jackets made.

If anything is mine in this house, it's my story. And you took it and used it. Did you think I didn't get that part?

Catherine [to Ruth]

I used to love to sew. I know, ironic. Now I knit.

Catherine [to Clarice]

Catherine: I'm sorry. There are bad days.
Clarice: Yeah, oh course.
Catherine: But I'm not at the bottom of a well, so ...

Esquivel: All these offices. They're trading on the life and death of human beings.
Tripathi: So do we. You're so bleak.
Esquivel: I get it from my mom.

Clarice: I'm good.
Ardelia: Really? Is that why you're wearing two different shoes?

Clarice Quotes

Therapist: You were a survivor.
Clarice: To be a survivor, you have to be a victim. I was just doing my job.

I thought it was done.