You work so hard to protect [Hoover's] institution. I wonder if that's what bothers you most about me because I'm more interested in protecting the people. Or is it just because I'm black?

Ardelia [to Herman]

Tyson: You saw me, right?
Clarice: No. You were in my blind spot. But I see you now.

He's got you in a little jar too, Ty. Twisted. Poisoned. You're practically his twin.

Clarice [to Tyson]

People believe stories. They buy into myths.

Nils [to Clarice]

You've devoted yourself to this?

Clarice [to Tyson]

Krendler: Maybe you should be at your desk.
Ardelia: Maybe Herman should blow it out his ass, sir.

[Esquivel] said he was going alone and that I should back off and continue my march toward obsolescence.

Clarke [to Ardelia]

[My father] was the best man I ever knew. Only he wasn't. He was a criminal and a coward and he betrayed us.

Clarice [to Tyson]

Tyson: Are you not an agent anymore?
Clarice: I don't know what I am.

Clarice: Are you OK?
Tyson: I'm not often in women's apartments.

I saw a lot of crap in my service days. It's been a lot of work for me to keep the monster at bay.

Esquivel [to Clarice]

Clarice: You have to consider that your father doesn't have your best interests at heart.
Tyson: Don't talk about him that way.

Clarice Quotes

Therapist: You were a survivor.
Clarice: To be a survivor, you have to be a victim. I was just doing my job.

I thought it was done.