Clare: I still remember us the way we were. I always thought we'd end up together.
Spencer: We still can be.
Clare: You're my first love, Spencer. But we're not kids anymore. I have a daughter now, and I won't do this to her.

Spencer: What have you done?
Clare: We've both changed. I saw it in your eyes when you talked about Mira.
Spencer: I'd never turn my back on the dream!
Clare: I don't even know what the dream is anymore. All this time I thought we were working toward peace. This isn't peace!
Spencer: It's all for the greater good. Why have you lost sight of that?!

Yanek: There was a time when we were friends.
Martin: We are still friends.
Yanek: Is that why you use these things to communicate, even on your own side? What kind of friendship is that? We used to believe in the better angels of our nature. We thought this crossing would be the greatest endeavor in the history of mankind.
Martin: It still is.
Yanek: No. It has been corrupted beyond repair.
Volker: You have no idea, Yanek. You've been locked away too long. We've given so much to our worlds. Trading of information, environmental progress, scientific advancements. We must give all that up?
Yanek: It was never yours.

Please, do me a favor. Kindly shut the fuck up.


Mira: So this is how they utilize your talents.
Ian: I am right where I want to be.
Mira: So am I. We finally get the chance to speak. I've been looking forward to the chance to talk.
Ian: Fuck you.
Mira: It's a shame you don't like me with all that we have in common.

Why won't you face the fact that we failed and this is the cost of it?


Management: Yanek.
Yanek: You all look so old.

Mira: This wasn't the arrangement.
Ian: Management doesn't negotiate with terrorists.

Howard A: All I wanted for so long is to go home, and now I'm not so sure. And I don't know if it's because I don't want to face what's over there, or...
Emily P: It's your home, Howard.
Howard A: Thank you.
Emily P: Be kind to her if you can.

You know when I knew you weren't him? The interrogation room when I said you put her in harm's way. The way you defended her? He would never have done that. That was love; it betrays us all.


No, what I mean is may I have my husband back, or do you think I've already lost him?

Emily A

Emily P: Did you organize this? You must be a very powerful woman.
Emily A: I used to be before the accident. My memory's been a bit bumpy, but I've gotten a lot back recently. A lot of things have come to light, a lot of them quite shocking. First, a man told me he was my husband. It turned out he was your ex-husband trying to use me for information.

Counterpart Quotes

Howard, why do you think I brought you in on this? For your great tactical skill, your great knowledge of this whole fuckin' thing? I need to pretend to be you, take Baldwin out myself.


I have a new book. 'You, you, only you exist.'