I’m guilty for loving him. And for hating him. For killing him.


Jeanette: I gave Mallory the snow globe. She wouldn’t give it back, probably to protect you. If you search her room, you’ll probably find it.
Kate: You’re not lying
[Jeanette shakes her head]
Kate: It was really Mallory who saw me.
Jeanette: I didn’t see you.

There is something I wanna say. To the girl who named me, who could’ve cleared all this up sooner but didn’t. Kate Wallis … I forgive you.


Mallory: I saw a woman living freely. Not in a basement. I figured it was Martin Harris’ girlfriend, sister or something.
Kate: You were half right.
Mallory: It didn’t make sense for a missing girl to be in the living room making a call.

Sylvia: I’m sure he noticed things about you.
Kate: He noticed everything about me. Martin liked me for me. He made me feel safe.

Martin: Have you kissed someone significantly older?
Kate: No.
[They stare at each other]
Kate: Are you daring me to?
Martin: No, I’m only kidding around.

Kate: I still feel bad for Martin. I think because of our friendship, it’s where it all went wrong.
Sylvia: Friendship happens between two willing parties. Given the power dynamic between you, I wouldn’t call it that.

Martin: You’re officially a missing person. The police are looking for you.
Kate: I can fix this. I’ll go home. I’ll tell them…
Martin: Tell them what? That you’ve been here almost 24 hours and I lied to your mother about it?
Kate: I don’t know. I told you I’m not a good liar. I need your help.

Jeanette: Why did you do it?
Jamie: I thought I was defending Kate. I didn’t have a reason not to believe her.
Jeanette: Over me? You knew me!
Jamie: Yeah…
Jeanette: And now? Who do you believe?

Jeanette: Kate Wallis went to Martin Harris’ house willingly.
Denise: This is not the narrative that she’s presented on the record. It’s a glaring inconsistency in Kate’s story. This could help demonstrate that Kate bent the truth.
Jeanette: Kate won’t contribute to a narrative that paints her anything less than a saint. In reality, she’s a huge liar and now we have proof.

Jamie: Everyone at school today has been torturing her!
Vince: You kinda made it open season when you gave her a black eye!

Jeanette: I have news, Mallory.
Mallory: I don’t care! You abandoned me!
Jeanette: I have a good reason. Kate Wallis…
Mallory: Shut up about Kate Wallis! A) she’s the worst, and B) she’s way out of your league.
Jeanette: She’s not.
Mallory: What’s wrong with your league? Our league with me and Vince?
Jeanette: Nothing! That’s not what I meant.

Cruel Summer Quotes

Jeanette: Mallory, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m here. I’ve been here. You can say that I pulled away from you, but you pulled away from me too. So, I don’t understand where all this rage is coming from, but if you want to talk, you know where to find me.
[Jeanette gives Mallory a hug]
Mallory: God, you sound just like her.

Jeanette Turner, I hope you rot in hell.