Android: I don’t know how to put it into words. Her existence somehow diminishes *me*.
Six: No, it doesn’t.
Android: I’m a lesser version of someone else. A diluted, imperfect facsimile.
Six: You’re wrong. Being imperfect isn’t a bad thing.
Android: How can it be anything but negative?
Six: Well, think of them as less ‘imperfections’ and more…’unique variations.’
Android: ‘Variations’?
Six: Sure. That’s what makes up your personality. Nobody’s perfect.

Two: Wait a minute. What do you mean, ‘our relationship’?!
Android: Well. This is a little awkward.

Portia Lin: Can I shut her eyes? This empty stare makes her look... unreal.
Das: She’s a machine.
Portia Lin [emphatically]: No! She’s not.

Three: What’re we looking at?
Android: An extraordinarily complex cipher. It would take a highly advanced mind to even recognize it, and approximately 87,560 computational hours to decode.
Two: Ten years. [The others stare at her.] Give or take…

Brophy: How did you get your blink drive?
Three: It’s a long story.
Brophy: You stole it?
Three: ...Okay, that’s the short version.

Remember, you’re a couple. [to Six] We’re a couple. [to Five] And you’re a disaffected youth committed to sulking and avoiding all social discourse.

The Android [to Three and Two]

Three: No, we are not getting a dog!
Two: It would be great for crew morale!
Three: We could screw with the timeline! Hm? What if the dog that we bring back is instrumental in finding a cure for Sukulsky Syndrome or something?

It’s better to be safe than sorry. And homeless.

The Android

Three: You might have a tough time fitting in.
Android: Unfortunately, the upgrade was damaged by the mind hack. But my ability to access the planetary data hub makes me an indispensable source of information for this outing.
Six: Still, I’m not so sure--
Android: In. Dispensable.

Sarah: Can’t you see how this changes things? You’re not stuck on this ship anymore! You’re free to go down there and start a new life! Have a chance with someone else, someone real.
Three [insistent]: You’re real.
Sarah: But *this* isn’t. As much as I want it to be, it’s not. It’s a fantasy.
Three: Okay, but you know what *is* real? My feelings for you.
Sarah: *Now*. But how long until you start resenting me, stop coming to visit? How long are we going to keep pretending this is enough? I can’t live like this. I need more.

Three: We went six hundred years into the future?
Android: No. Of course not.
Three: Good. Had me going there for a second.
Android: We’ve traveled six hundred years into the past.

After today, I don’t want to hear any complaining about the arsenal I have in my quarters…


Dark Matter Quotes

Nyx: Okay, okay, I'll come quietly. You don't have to use that thing on me.
Guard: You kidding? [shoots her with a stun gun] It's the highlight of my day.

Oh, and thank you so much for telling me how to do my job. It's greatly appreciated.

Warden, sarcasm mode engaged