Ray: There's nothing I can do.
Mick: Yes there is. I was wrong trying to make you like Snart. You're Ray Palmer. You can science your way out of anything.
Ray: I'm Ray Palmer. I can science my way out of anything. [blah blah blah] I'd have to dismantle the cold gun.
Mick: Less talkin', more doin'.

Sara: Hand over the box!
Nate: And the kick-ass CD-Rom.

Mick: What are you doing?
Ray [eating]: We're on a stakeout. I brought snacks. Apple slice?
[Mick tosses the bag out the window]

Mick: That's Snart's jacket.
Ray: Yeah. I thought it'd help me get into character. I'm Colonel Cold.
Mick: The hell you are. You're not gonna give yourself a promotion.

Nate [whispering]: You think I killed him? I hope I didn't kill him. He's got to be in his late 70s AT LEAST. Maybe he couldn't take the hit. Oh my God. I just killed a member of the Justice Society.
Amaya: Why are you whispering?
Nate [whispering]: In case he's not dead. He could probably use the nap.

There's nothing wrong with the cold gun! It's you, you goof!


Mick: What did I say about crossing streams?
Ray: You said we don't follow rules.
Mick: That's the one rule! The one rule we follow!

Ray: Those are jellybeans.
Mick: I can see that.
Ray: Those are President Reagan's jellybeans.
Mick: So what? Eat 'em.
Ray: I'm pretty sure that's against the rules.
Mick: We don't follow rules, remember?

Stein [excitedly]: Nineteen Eighty-Seven! The halcyon days of Whitney Houston and Star Trek: The Next Generation! I can remember this year as if it were yesterday.
Jax: Looks like there's something you forgot about.
Stein: Uh oh. That's me!

Amaya: I had hoped that by this decade women wouldn't need to use clothing to compensate for their status. Surely by now men and women are considered equals.
Nate: Never lose that optimism!

Amaya: Women actually wore these things in the '80s?
Nate: Shoulder pads? Yeah. They're supposed to make women more imposing, more, I don't know...
Amaya: Manly?

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Mick: Listen haircut, if you want to fit into Snart's shoes, you gotta find the pain, the darkness, the anger. You got it in you?
Ray: Call me haircut again and I'll ice you.
Mick: Not bad.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Mick: There's nothing wrong with the gun. You just gotta be cool, like Snart.
Ray: Yeah, I can be cool.

Jax: Did you really just use Doc Brown on me?
Stein: Who the hell is that?