Dominic: Before you left, we had a discussion about whether you think there is a future here for you.
Massimo: Being home gave me the time to think. And the answer is I do.

I was going to congratulate you on finally joining the fight. But it looks like you've already been in one.

Duval [to Massimo]

Sofia: There must be some way.
Massimo: I think there is if I end my career. And Dominic Morgan's too.

It's the devil who tempts us with choices.


Sofia: You did the right thing.
Massimo: For the town.
Sofia: For yourself.

Sarti: In Italy, we call this corruption.
Oliver: Here we call this sliding doors.

Years of building a career ... gone.

Eleanor [to Oliver]

Jannone: You have no principles.
Dominic: With all due respect, Franco, you shouldn't talk to us about principles.

Eleanor: So do I tell Massimo or not?
Kalim: I have no idea.
Eleanor: Appreciate the help, Kalim.

Oliver: Are you asking for my help?
Eleanor: I'm just looking for a name.
Oliver: You are asking for my help.
Eleanor: Don't be a dick about it.

Sofia: What was that about?
Massimo: They don't like tourists.

Sofia: Not how you remember it?
Massimo: I don't know why I came.
Sofia: Maybe he wants to make amends. He's dying.

Devils Season 1 Quotes

They say the devil's greatest trick is making us believe he doesn't exist. But he's real, as real as the water the fish swim in, as real as the finance flowing through this bank.


But if we're the fish in the know, Massimo is the one who swims up behind you and you don't even see him coming. He's the shark.