Sofia: Dominic wouldn't be running this auction if it weren't important.
Massimo: I should be in London. Not here.

You're not at the top. But when you get there, you'll see the world the way it really is. And how it must remain.

Dominic [to Massimo]

Sofia: What are you afraid of? What is it?
Massimo: I'm afraid of being right.
Sofia: Don't worry then. You're never right.

Sofia: You could have told me.
Duval: You could have noticed. You're getting sloppy, Sofia.

Dominic: I'm keeping Massimo caged right now. He'll find his way out one way or another.
Nina: And then?
Dominic: I'll do what I have to do.

You think I don't understand? You think I haven't been through this? You're better than this.

Oliver [to Tyrone]

Jeremy: What the fuck you gonna do about it, Dominic. This was your plan.
Dominic: I'm going to proceed. Just like you and the board agreed.

Duval: Massimo, does he still trust you?
Sofia: Yeah. I think he does.

You cannot run from the devil any more than you can run from yourself.


Feels good, doesn't it? Being on the right side of the law? For once.

Winks [to Massimo]

Kalim: If it weren't for Massimo, you'd still be taking other students' exams at uni.
Oliver: If it weren't for you two, Massimo would still have a job.

You've got balls, I'll give you that.

Bale [to Massimo]

Devils Season 1 Quotes

They say the devil's greatest trick is making us believe he doesn't exist. But he's real, as real as the water the fish swim in, as real as the finance flowing through this bank.


But if we're the fish in the know, Massimo is the one who swims up behind you and you don't even see him coming. He's the shark.